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The District offers a variety of resources to assist the teacher in providing water education to K-8 students. Click a category to learn about our resources.

Free Water Education Activity Books

The District provides a variety of free activity books on the topic of water education to teachers in the District's service area. To request any of these materials, call the District at (909) 595-7554, ext. 264.

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My Book About Water And How To Use It Wisely - Grades K-1
Activities and coloring book that teaches kids to turn off taps, save water, and use it wisely.

Protecting Our Water Supplies - Grades 1-3
Coloring and activities book to teach youngsters that water is a valuable resource and should be used wisely.

Let's Learn About Saving Water Inside and Out - Grades 4-6
Information and activities book to teach children about the water cycle and why it's important to conserve water whenever possible.

Video Library

VideosThe District has a variety of water education videos that are available on loan to schools within the District's service area. Call the District at (909) 595-7554, ext. 264, to request any of these videos. Please note that these videos cannot be loaned to schools outside the District's service area.

What Do You Know About H2O? -10 minutes
" Dewey," the water drop, explains how the water cycle works. A colorful presentation with questions and answers that teach elementary students about water.

Water Follies - 9 Minutes
Animated cartoon showing many good ways to save water.

Waterhog Haven - 6 Minutes
Teaches children the value of water conservation with this comical video production. Program stars the "Common Waterhog" doing what he does best--wasting water.

Take A Look…Rain - 10 Minutes
Learn why the water cycle is so important to all living things. Learn about the value of rain to plants, animals, and people. Grades 2-6.

Down The Drain - 30 Minutes
Travel along the water cycle to find out how water gets dirty, how it gets clean, and what we can do to help conserve and preserve it. Using music, animation, and location shots along the way, "Down The Drain" is a fountain of information about our precious liquid asset. Grades 4-9.

Professor Water: Fantastic Facts About H2O - 26 Minutes
Professor Water and his comic sidekick use humor and creativity to educate viewers of all ages about water with amazing statistics and fun facts.

The Water Cycle -10 Minutes
Learn how the water cycle works and about the process used to clean and purify water that is delivered to your home. Grades K-3

The Water Cycle -12 Minutes
Learn about the water cycle and how water is stored underground. Perform experiments to show how heat from the sun makes the water cycle work and how gravel & sand can help clean water. Grades 4-6

Water Who Needs It? - 14 Minutes
A fun-filled learning and activities video for children that teaches how important water is to living things and how children can protect and conserve water. Grades K-6.

Professor Water & The Amazing Water Cycle - 28 Minutes
Aimed at upper elementary and middle school students, this video demonstrates activities you can do in the classroom to help students understand the water cycle. The video includes a Teacher's Guide that meets National Standards for Science Education. Grades 4-8.

Professor Water & The Amazing Water Cycle - 27 Minutes
This is the broadcast version of a fast-paced instructional science video that helps students understand the water cycle. Grades 4-8.

Classroom Presentations

The District offers 30-minute water education classroom presentations for grades K-4. The presentation utilizes visuals, class discussion, and audience participation to teach students about such topics as water distribution and treatment, the water cycle, and conservation techniques. In addition, each student receives a Water Awareness Bag that includes activity booklets, conservation stickers, and much more at no cost!

If you are an educator for grades K- 4 and you are interested in scheduling a water education presentation for your class, just call the District at (909) 595-7554, ext. 264.

Live Theater Performances
School-Theater-PerformanceThe District also sponsors a live water education theatre performance for all K-6 schools within its service area. The plays, which are performed by The National Theatre for Children, a Minneapolis-based theatrical group, use such antics as comedy, music, and audience participation to teach students about using water wisely.

The performances are delivered in March and April at various elementary schools within the District's service area. A teacher's guide with student activities is mailed to schools prior to the show.

If you are an educator and your school has not previously pre-registered for the performance, please call us at (909) 595-7554, ext. 264.

Additional Useful Resources for Water Education

Visit our Links page to view a variety of water agencies and water education web sites.



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