Water Use

Service Connections
The District presently has over 26,000 active water service connections, primarily comprised of single and multi-family residential customers. The remaining connections are used for commercial, industrial, and irrigation purposes. The following table lists the number of active potable water service connections by customer type on the last day of 2005:

Active Service Connections by Customer Type (2005)

Single Family Residential 23,817
Multi-family Residential 997
Commercial / Institutional 792
Industrial 150
Landscape Irrigation 322
TOTAL 26,078

Water Quantity
The District delivers an average of 23,102 acre-feet of water each year to its customers. The majority of water delivered to District customers is used for residential purposes in and around the home.

Average Annual Water Use (in Acre-Feet*)

Single Family Residential 16,717
Multi-family Residential 2,239
Commercial / Institutional 2,455
Industrial 489
Landscape Irrigation/Other 1,202
TOTAL 23,102

*An acre-foot is equal to about 326,000 gallons of water, or the amount that 2 families use in one year.