Board Meetings

Time and Location
<% set nextDate = Connect.Execute("SELECT * FROM board_meetings WHERE thedate >= "&date()& " ORDER BY thedate DESC") x = nextDate("theDate") %> The District's Board meetings are typically held in the District Board room on the third Monday of each month, unless noticed otherwise, at 5:00 p.m. The next board meeting will be on <%=MonthName(Month(x))&" "&Day(x)%> at <%=nextDate("theTime")%>. The Board room is in the offices of the District's headquarters located at 271 S. Brea Canyon Road, Walnut. The Board meetings are open to the public. Anyone who is interested in the operations and business of the District is welcome to attend.

Agenda and Minutes
Agenda and minutes for the most recent Board meetings are provided below in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Just click on Agenda or Minutes for the desired month. The file will open automatically if Adobe Reader is installed on your computer. If the file does not open, just click on the Adobe Reader icon below to download the FREE Acrobat Reader program. It's easy! This program will enable you to view the agenda and minutes.

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" Agenda = "" If (fso.FileExists(myPath&"meetingfiles/"&linkDay&"agenda.pdf")) then Agenda = "Agenda" If (fso.FileExists(myPath&"meetingfiles/"&linkDayFull&"agenda.pdf")) then Agenda = "Agenda" if Agenda = "" then Agenda = "Agenda" Minutes = "" If (fso.FileExists(myPath&"meetingfiles/"&linkDay&"minutes.pdf")) then Minutes = "Minutes" If (fso.FileExists(myPath&"meetingfiles/"&linkDayFull&"minutes.pdf")) then Minutes = "Minutes" if Minutes = "" then Minutes = "Minutes" Packet = "" If (fso.FileExists(myPath&"meetingfiles/"&linkDay&"packet.pdf")) then Packet = "Packet" If (fso.FileExists(myPath&"meetingfiles/"&linkDayFull&"packet.pdf")) then Packet = "Packet" if Packet = "" then Packet = "Packet" if bgColor = "" then bgColor = "#6891bf" else bgColor = "" response.write ""&_ ""&_ ""&_ ""&_ "" meetingList.Movenext loop response.write "
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For easy viewing of our publications in the manner in which they were intended, we have converted many of our publications into Adobe® Acrobat.PDF files. If you do not already have the FREE Acrobat Reader, please click the following button to get Acrobat Reader from Adobe® before you attempt to download the files.