Meter Access

District Access Requirement
The District must have access to water meters and fire hydrants at all times. Plant material, fencing, and concrete work (driveways or block walls) should be planted or installed so District staff can continue to have free and safe access to read, service, and/or repair water meters, meter boxes, fire hydrants, and other facilities serving your property. So, please maintain an appropriate access path to your water meter when planning new landscaping or modifying your existing landscaping.

The diagram below provides more detailed guidelines for landscaping around our meter box.

Please note that if it becomes necessary for any District equipment to be relocated due to installed landscaping or other improvements, it will be done by the District at the homeowner’s expense. If in doubt or for further information, please call or visit the District before you begin.

Please keep all ground cover (ice plant, ivy, etc.) at least 6 inches from edge of meter box. Trees and shrubbery should be planted at least 3 feet from center of meter box.   Retaining wall should be built so as to leave a minimum of 6 inches of clearance around the meter box.