Check for Leaks

How To Check For Leaks
To check if you have a leak, turn off all faucets in and around your home, check the meter, wait 15 minutes, and check the meter again. If the sweep hand has moved, or the reading has changed, you may have a leak. Also see, Reading Your Meter.

Repairing Leaks
Leaks waste water and increase your water bill. In your own interest, and to conserve water, all leaks should be repaired as soon as possible. Prior to making repairs where the customer’s service line will be disconnected from the District meter assembly, be sure to refer to the appropriate diagram. The diagram (see links below) will show how to properly connect to the meter service. It is important that the customer’s service line is connected to the meter assembly according to the District’s standard to avoid customer liability of any damage or alteration. If you are not sure of where to make the connection, please contact the District.

Meter Connection Diagrams for Homes
     • Homes built before 1976
     • Homes built in 1976 or later
     • Diamond Bar homes built before 1977

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